Yarn to Fit

Editors' Note: We invited Annie Bakken, associate producer of Knitting Daily TV, to tell us about their newest DVD.

Make It Fit!

How many times have we all fallen in love with a pattern we see and immediately run to the yarn or fabric store to get started? Often, the final piece is seemingly a letdown and mostly because it just doesn’t fit the way we thought it would. Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Seasoned Knitting Daily TV guest stars Laura Bryant and Barry Klein are here to help. This duo’s appearances on the Public Television show have been outstandingly popular, and their tips and techniques are some of the best advice for knitters and crafters alike for making the most out of garment design.

Laura and Barry have teamed up for a 2-part workshop called Yarn to Fit: Keys to Successful Knitting, where they share their expertise and guide you through making yarn choices, measurements, and minor to major adjustments, so you’re proud of the final piece. And best of all, the final piece fits perfectly!

Part One:
The first disc of Laura and Barry’s workshop is mainly for knitters and crocheters who will be working with yarn instead of fabric. They focus on educating viewers on yarns and yarn labels, so you’re equipped to choose the best yarn for your project based on a yarn’s characteristics, how a yarn behaves while knitting, how it washes up after use, and much more.

Part Two:

The second part of Laura and Barry’s workshop is all about measurements and getting that perfect fit. You’ll learn great tips for correctly measuring yourself and others, so your garment really does hug all the right curves. They’ll also go into a priceless explanation about negative and positive ease, which can make or break a garment and the way it drapes or hangs.

This second part of Laura and Barry’s workshop is for all crafters, but they do also go into great detail about knitwear adjustments and design elements. Love a crewneck sweater pattern but would actually prefer the design to be a V-neck cardigan? Laura and Barry will show you how to make the knitted adjustments for necklines, sleeves, and much more, so you can change up any design to fit your personality and wardrobe. 

Strut Your Stuff!
With Laura and Barry’s workshop, you can wear your work proudly! This resource is one you’ll turn to again and again for all your garment design needs. Yarn to Fit: Keys to Successful Knitting is now available at the Knitting Daily Shop on a 2-disc set and also as a video download.