Women’s Work: How Needlework Transformed Women’s Lives

Throughout history, much of women’s labor has been tied to the production of textiles. PieceWork has long celebrated the historical needlearts made by both genders, but in the March/April 2019 issue we want to shine a spotlight on how needlework has transformed women’s lives. What story about women’s work can you share with us?

Generation after generation of women have passed down their needlework skills and textile knowledge. Their stories are embedded in textile traditions around the world. Share with us a story about a woman who overcame adversity through needlework. Tell us a tale about a woman-run micro economy that has preserved a people’s textile heritage. Investigate an influential female figure in the world of needlework. Bring to light how domestic piecework labor provided necessary supplemental income for women. We want to know more!

women’s work

Laura Rickett’s café curtain was inspired by prolific Australian crochet designer Mary Card. Learn more about Mary Card in the July/August 2017 issue of PieceWork. Photo by Joe Coca.

Submit your ideas, stories, and companion knitting, crochet, and embroidery projects that focus on how women’s lives were changed by needlework.

March/April 2019— WOMEN’S WORK
Celebrate how needlework has transformed the lives of women! Across cultures and throughout time, needlework and textiles have had a deep connection to the labor of women. Share a memoir of a remarkable maker who came before us. Tell us a story of women’s survival on income scrapped together through piecework. Submit your stories and knitting, embroidery, crochet, and tatting projects that honor the work of women.
Proposal deadline: July 2, 2018

Send submissions to: piecework@interweave.com or to the mailing address:
PieceWork Submissions
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525-5576 USA

Here are the submission guidelines and the 2018-2019 Editorial Calendar, which includes information for the March/April 2019 issue plus other upcoming themes. We’re so looking forward to hearing your ideas! If you have any questions, please email piecework@interweave.com. Additionally, we always welcome your submissions even if they don’t fit tidally into our theme. Send us your article proposals and project ideas and continue the long tradition of passing on needlework from generation to generation.

—All of us at PieceWork

Featured Image: Mimi Seyferth’s good friend Jeanne Devereaux Best received this pair of slipper socks as a gift from Afghan refugee women in Islamabad, Pakistan. These socks provide much needed income to the refugee women. Jeanne in turn gave them to Mimi, and they served as Mimi’s inspiration for her pair, which was featured in the January/February 2018 issue of PieceWork.

Read more about historical needlework in PieceWork!

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