Weldon’s Mystery Project: Knitted Lace or Edging

In April, we shared with you some Weldon’s mystery projects: Knitted Beaded Cuffs, Knitted Rugs, and Worsted Balls. These are all projects that lack an accompanying illustration. Did you knit along? We offer up another mysterious Victorian knitting project from the pages of Weldon’s Practical Needlework, Volume 1: Knitted Lace or Edging.

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This and more lacey projects are available in the Weldon’s Practical Needlework Deluxe Edition.

Knitted Lace or Edging

This lace is suitable for bordering anything, especially lacey pattern shawls, or if knitted Eis or Shetland wool, it makes a pretty veil for ladies or children. Cast on any number of stitches which can be divided by 13, and 2 for the edge; knit across plain. 1st row—Slip 1, * narrow, knit4, over, knit 1, over, knit 4, narrow, repeat from * to end of needle, and knit the edge stitch plain. 2nd row—All purl, repeat these 2 rows 11 times. 25th row—Plain. 26th row—Plain. 27th row—Slip 1 *, over, narrow, repeat from * to end of needle. 28th row—Plain. Repeat the 27th and 28th rows 8 times, knit 2 rows plain, and cast off loosely. In fleecy wool or Berlin this lace can be used for petticoats or it can even be knitted in cotton.

Grab a ball of yarn, a pair of needles, and knit along! Having trouble with Victorian knitting terminology? See Carol Huebscher Rhoades tips for knitting Victorian patterns included in her article “Victorian Life and Knitting” from the November/December 2002 issue. Send us a photo of your re-creation of Weldon’s Knitted Lace or Edging to [email protected]. We’d love to see it!

Happy knitting!

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