Weldon’s Mystery Project: Knitted Collar

Have you been knitting along with our Weldon’s mystery project series? Last week, we offered the pattern for Knitted Lace or Edging. Did you cast on? This week we offer another pattern sans illustration from Weldon’s Practical Needlework, Volume 1. What does the Knitted Collar look like? We’re eager to find out? Join us and knit along!

Here are the directions just as they were published in 1886:

Knitted Collar

Materials required are one ball of crochet cotton, No. 22, and two steel knitting needles, No. 20. Cast on 34 stitches, knit plain 420 rows, cast off. First round of border—Work one short crochet stitch into each edge; stitch entirely around the knitted piece. 2nd row—Make 5 chain, miss 4 foundation-stitches, and fasten with short crochet stitch into fifth. Continue entire round, remembering to miss but one at the corners, so that the border shall lie flat. 3rd row—Like 2nd. 4th and 5th rows—Like 2nd, only working on the sides and lower edge of the collar. Cast on same number of stitches for cuffs, and knit 280 rows. Finish with edge same as for collar.

Weldon’s illustration for short or double crochet.

Weldon’s illustration for short or double crochet.

Surprise—this collar is edged with a bit of crochet. Knitting and crochet, two techniques that look great together! Just remember, British crochet terms differ from those used in the United States. Here’s a handy translation of the different crochet terms:

English-American crochet terms

If you decide to give this collar a try, we’d love to see a photo. Send us your project images to piecework@interweave.com.

Happy stitching!

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