Welcome to Traditions Today

Hello from Interweave and the editors of PieceWork magazine!

 If you have the same passion we do for traditional knitting, embellished clothing, exquisite needlework, intricate crochet, and beautiful lacework—all made by hand—you are always looking for more resources.

 We wanted to create a one-stop resource that will offer you regular access to all the traditional knitting, crochet, and needlework information and inspiration that will get your knitting and embroidery needles and crochet hooks going!

Welcome to Traditions Today—Knitting, Crochet, and Needlework!


Traditions Today is an inspiring free weekly email newsletter from the editors of PieceWork for knitters, crocheters, and needleworkers of all skill levels who want to celebrate the rich history behind our passions and create traditions for the future.

 Traditions Today will bring you:

  • Free projects and video demonstrations
  • Step-by-step tutorials and tips from today's top designers
  • Interviews and behind-the-scenes peeks with designers, museum curators, and needlework historians
  • News about needlework from around the world
  • A forum for a needlework community who loves the history of needlework
  • Special offers and news about products to enrich your passions
  • More news about PieceWork—what's coming in future issues, calls for submissions, and more

Because the launch of Traditions Today coincides with the exact day the July/August 2011 issue of PieceWork goes on press, I'm pleased to give you your own sneak peek into this upcoming issue! It's filled with ribbons, trims, and edgings, including some not typically included in these categories.

  • Does the word "macramé" immediately evoke those clunky plant holders and wall hangings churned out by the tens of thousands in the 1960s and 1970s? It did for me. But it turns out that the technique's use as a delicate and beautiful trim has deep roots in needlework history with several revivals over the centuries. We include complete instructions for a lovely slip-stitch knitted scarf with its own macramé trim.
  • Have you ever thought about making your own ribbons? This issue has step-by-step instructions to create two worked on 52-count linen fabric with embroidery floss. They are both unusual and stunning.
  • Recently, Barbara Cimiano sent us some vintage pattern books and a tatting sampler book that had belonged to her late mother, Betty Baker, with the request that we share them with PieceWork readers. We've included instructions for four crocheted, two tatted, and seven knitted edgings, along with a tatted medallion.
  • Did you know that Victorian needleworkers created amazing pieces with fish scales? Only the Victorians!

Knitted Vintage Edgings   Scarf with Macramé Trim   Crocheted edgings

The July/August issue of PieceWork will reach subscribers the last two weeks of June and be available on the newsstand on July 5. If you are not already a subscriber to PieceWork magazine, you can start your subscription today.

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