Stitch Outside the Lines with Tula Pink’s Coloring with Thread: Stitching a Whimsical World with Hand Embroidery

I have always been drawn to the charming designs within the pages of coloring books geared toward adults, but the act of coloring them left me yearning to stitch. That’s why Tula Pink’s Coloring with Thread: Stitching a Whimsical World with Hand Embroidery is an excellent match for me. Coloring with Thread is a coloring book to be filled in with thread instead of crayons or colored pencils, and the designs are just enchanting.


Remember when coloring books took over the world? Coloring books turned from a hobby for children to a pastime for grown people everywhere around 2015. According to data from Nielson BookScan’s 2015 “U.S. Book Industry Year-End Review,” 12 million copies of coloring books were sold in 2015, which is an increase of 11 million from the previous year. The adult coloring book genre continues to rise in popularity. Although such books have been well-received by the general population, I’d rather use floss and a needle. I love embroidery; and I also love, art and color.

The progression that led to the creation of this book began with fabric. Tula Pink has designed fabric for sewists over the last decade, and she decided to take the color out of those designs and put her illustrations onto paper pages as coloring sheets. She found that she enjoys providing the starting point for a creative work, and then sending it off for someone else to create. “I feel connected so deeply to the creative process of thousands of others,” she says.

Then, she took her illustrations to a new level: hand embroidery. She called out for talent, and talent answered; hand embroiderers from around the country responded to her request to fill her line drawings with colorful embroidery. Now, her work has been brought to life 3-dimensionally.

This book provides stitch guides for those new to embroidery or looking to get started, which makes it an excellent resource for beginners, but it also includes so many under-appreciated stitches that even experienced embroiderers might learn something new. And, if not, any creative person can surely be inspired by the beautiful motifs within the book. These delightful, colorful designs are sure to capture your attention and your needles.


Coloring with Thread: Stitching a Whimsical World with Hand Embroidery
By Tula Pink
Blue Ash, Ohio: Fons & Porter Books, 2017. Paperback, 96 pages, $21.99. ISBN: 978-1-4402-4811-5.

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Color your world with embroidery!


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