Transport Yourself to Another Time & Place

Lotus Blossom Scarf. Photos by Joe Hancock.

Lotus Blossom Scarf.
Photos by Joe Hancock.

Lotus Blossom Scarf by Kristine Byrnes, featured in PieceWork’s special issue The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits 2014, is a passageway to another time and place. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon, owner of Highclere Castle, the lavish home and backdrop to the unfolding drama of the television series Downton Abbey, had a real-life Egyptian connection: he was with Howard Carter at the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. The scarf incorporates the motifs popularly inspired by the Egyptomania of the 1920s that swept the Western world after that discovery.

Newly available from PieceWork, The Lotus Blossom Scarf to Knit Kit contains a copy of the 2014 issue of The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits with the pattern for the scarf (along with 24 other delightful patterns) and 3 skeins of the luscious original yarn used by the designer, Blue Sky Alpacas’s Alpaca Silk, 50% alpaca/50% silk, in the lovely soft Kiwi colorway featured on the magazine’s pages.

Lotus Blossom Scarf detail.

Lotus Blossom Scarf detail.

Working with Alpaca Silk is pure luxury! Soft and silky, it glides through your fingers from provisional cast-on, to the ribbed column pattern worked in the body of the scarf, to the Lotus Blossom lace motif, which is a true knitted-lace edging in that there is patterning worked on both odd and even rows. Not to mention, the finished project is exquisite and looks divine draped around the wearer’s neck, flowing down or folded with the lace ends pulled through, as suggested in the pattern, evoking the style of the 1920s which is prominently featured in Downton Abbey’s sixth season’s marvelous costuming.

Transport yourself to another time and place—start knitting with our Lotus Blossom Scarf kit and brew a pot of Earl Grey tea while watching the storylines of your favorite Downton Abbey characters wrap up in season six.

Happy knitting!

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