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Many of our long-time subscribers look forward to each issue of PieceWork because of the articles on historical needlework and textiles; it’s our hallmark. But it’s the timeless needlework projects that make me feel most connected to needlework’s rich history. I get a special feeling knowing that I’m stitching something much in the same way it was made in the past.

A few good examples are these lacy projects from the May/June 2018 issue of PieceWork. Each one is a portal to a different era, a time machine in stitches.

A Medallion of Frisado de Valladolid-Style Lace to Stitch
By Carolyn Wetzel
Carolyn Wetzel’s stellar frisado de Valladolid-style lace medallion is the perfect introduction to a centuries-old Spanish technique. This gold and silver lacework can be traced back to the peak of the Spanish Empire during the 1500s and 1600s. Read more…

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Pat Olski’s stunning Irish crochet buttons will add pizzazz to any garment. The Roll Stitch Button is the smaller of the two (at left); the Seventh-Wheel Button is the larger one (at right).

Irish Crochet Buttons to Make
By Pat Olski
Irish crochet provided much-needed income as piecework during the nineteenth century in Ireland. Contributor Pat Olski shares her adaptation of two timeless Irish crochet buttons to make. Time-consuming though the technique may be, small projects, such as buttons, are the perfect introduction to this lovely form of lace. Read more…

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Carolyn Wyborny’s captivating shawl in luxurious merino/silk yarn will delight.

A Shawl Based on a Weldon’s Veil Pattern to Knit
By Carolyn Wyborny
It’s no mystery why Weldon’s Practical Needlework continues to fascinate and inspire needleworkers in the modern age: the attention to design, detail illustrations, and the charming Victorian-era instructions make it a delight to page through. Carolyn Wyborny used a veil pattern from Volume 5 of Weldon’s as the basis for her crescent shawl. Read more…

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Featured Image: Carolyn Wetzel’s stellar frisado de Valladolid-style lace medallion is the perfect introduction to this centuries-old technique. Photos by George Boe.

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  1. Norma at 9:48 am July 3, 2018

    I made the Spanish lace medallion in purple! Unfortunately, I couldn’t attach a photo!

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