Time Travel Made Possible with PieceWork Magazine

What do you get with the Ultimate PieceWork 1993-2000 Collection Kit? For starters, you’ll get eight years of PieceWork magazine. That’s 45 issues of PieceWork, with over four thousand pages of needlework techniques, including knitting, crochet, sewing, tambour, bobbin lace, tatting, embroidery, and more. It’s hundreds of fascinating stories about the history and traditions of cultures around the world and across time. It’s a wealth of knowledge, both technical and historical, surrounding needlework throughout centuries. In a sense, having so many issues of PieceWork right at your fingertips is like having the ability to travel through time to any given era and location to instantly learn about the crafts, trades, and textiles specific to that point in time. It’s like having a time machine!

Thinking about this wealth of PieceWork knowledge like a time machine made me feel adventurous. I went into the magazine archives here at Interweave and found all the PieceWork back issues and randomly selected an issue: PieceWork September/October 1995.

This issue transported me to Guatemala, where I learned about the striking tapestry crochet bags, morrales, used daily by Guatemalan men for transporting necessities.  I learned some of the history of this crochet technique, and even got a tapestry crochet pattern to make my own. 

All that in one article, in one issue, from one year of PieceWork! Imagine the treasure trove of “time travel” you can do with the 45 issues in the Ultimate PieceWork 1993-2000 Collection Kit.

Embroidered purse with hearts, flowers, and ribbons, likely from Sunnmøre, Norway. Mid-nineteenth century. Collection of Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, Decorah, Iowa. (LC1699). Photograph by Lauranne Gilbertson and courtesy of Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.


Now, time travel back to present day with the PieceWork September/October 2013 issue: PieceWork’s 20th anniversary issue. In this issue, I traveled to the Nordic countries and saw the beautiful and intricate embroidery found on traditional waist purses.

You can get the 20th anniversary issue of Piecework magazine in the Needlework Traditions Shop now. PieceWork’s 20th anniversary issue really marks an accomplishment: 20 years, over 100 issues, and endless needlework inspiration and instruction. You can get all 20 years in the Needlework Traditions Shop—then, let us know where your PieceWork time machine takes you!