Three Knitting Projects to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Three of my favorite projects in Folk Knitting are the Sámi-Inspired Tunic, with its bright colors banding the bottom hem, collar, and sleeves; Margaret Stove’s lovely Rata Scarf, a quicker-than-a-shawl adventure in lace knitting; and the delightful Fish of Prosperity purse, a fast knit embellished with beads and embroidery.

This Sami-inspired Tunic is absolutely breathtaking. Learn how to #knit your own with the help of Folk #Knitting!

The Sámi-Inspired Tunic, Folk Knitting’s cover girl, doesn’t include step-by-step instructions but rather guidelines to follow so you can truly make it your own

Yet projects like these, with their multiple colors, hard-to-find yarns, and special materials don’t always bubble up to the top of my to-do list. Why? It can take too long to assemble the supplies, which have to be the right supplies. I could dive into my stash looking for oddballs of yarn, but they wouldn’t all be the same type of yarn, and they might not be the right shades. My bin of embroidery floss might be under a huge pile of boxes at the back of the closet, or I might have to drive to the store for beads. While some people might prefer to save money, I always choose to save time and energy–as long as quality doesn’t suffer. This marriage of laziness and detail-obsession may be unique to me, and kits make the best antidotes.

The Fish of Prosperity--would make a great purse or home decoration! #knitting

The Fish of Prosperity makes for a fun purse, decoration, or good luck charm

Thinking that other people might also appreciate convenience and excellence, I tried to combine these qualities when I developed kits for Folk Knitting.

Gossamer lace yarn -- absolutely gorgeous! #knitting #yarn

Margaret Stove’s gossamer lace yarn makes a statement in the Rata Scarf kit.

  • The Rata Scarf kit features Margaret Stove’s premier gossamer lace yarn, imported from New Zealand and guaranteed to be join-free. Once you finish knitting, you’ll only have the cast-on and bind-off ends to weave in. Look at the luster on this yarn: unusual for Merino wool, it gleams like pearls.
  • With the Fish of Prosperity kit, you’ll have everything close to hand: knitting yarn, cotton embroidery threads, and supplies for fishy eyes. You can knit up this little purse very quickly, then full, sew together, and embellish. Imagine it hanging in a child’s bedroom, swinging on a little girl’s arm, or sitting in your craft area to hold a small project–and all the materials come to you in a single box.
  • Finally, the kit for our cover sweater, the Sámi-Inspired Tunic, comes in two sizes and includes pewter clasps, along with all four yarn colors. This design does not include a step-by-step recipe, because Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Deborah Robson wanted people to knit in the old way. Instead, they provided guidelines so you can choose your gauge and completely customize the garment. But Folk Knitting includes construction notes from our sample knitter, who used the same worsted yarn from Brown Sheep that you’ll get with the kit. You can copy from her (it’s not cheating) or go completely off script, and either way you’ll have a beautiful sweater.

So let our kits make life easier for you: we already gathered the perfect materials, and a friendly delivery person can drop them off at your door.