Those Weird Victorians! The Origin of Knitting

Every week here on the Needlework blog, we’ll be featuring a snippet from a 19th century needlework pamphlet. From riddles about knitting to patterns for unusual items, our archives are a treasure trove of oddities and whimsy from a bygone era. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you this poem, titled “The Origin of Knitting,” published in London in 1849. Print it out and bring it to knit night and regale your friends with a recitation! Share on social media to spread the joy of those weird Victorians and their love of knitting. The poem is included in Ladies’ Needlework; Knitting Tales and Poetry: A Melange of Instructions and Amusements, available as an ebook.

—Lisa Shroyer

The Origin of Knitting

When Venus, to her bower of bliss,
The God of Love invited,
Divinest, sweetest ecstacies
Within her bosom lighted.

Arcadian groves more beauteous seemed,
Each lovely spot grew fairer;
New brightness from each blossom beamed,
Some fresh delight to bear her.

…And thus, by strangest stratagem,
Yet doubtless most befitting,
To punish Cupid’s fickle whim,
The gods invented knitting!

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