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Coronation Cord Remembered, Editor Jules Kliot

Berkeley, California: Lacis Publications, 2011. Softbound, 78 pages, $60. ISBN 978-1-891656-91-0.

Coronation Cord

For a short spell in the early twentieth century, a unique product called “coronation cord” was admired and snapped up by consumers . . . and then disappeared. Classified with novelty braids, the newly manufactured material helped busy women complete their embroidery tasks. This book from Lacis, expert in lace history, presents 78 pages of design photographs and patterns from publications during 1910–1920.

Textiles Today: A Global Survey of Trends and Traditions, Chloë Colchester

New York: Thames & Hudson, 2007. Softbound, 208 pages, $34.95. ISBN 978-0-500-28803-0.

Textiles today

Futuristic technology fuses with diverse design concepts from around the world to redefine the use of textiles. For example, consider the flexibility of embroidery as a medical tool for human implants or architectural use of adjustable walls to reconfigure an interior space. Colchester’s study of contemporary textiles looks at influences of cultural traditions, market pressure, environmental concerns, and more. To support the survey are 381 dynamic color images.

—Elizabeth Prose

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