The Last Word: Continuous Cables

Continuous Cables: An Exploration of Knitted Cabled Knots, Rings, Swirls, and Curlicues by Melissa Leapman
New York: Potter Craft, 2008. Softcover, 192 pages, $22.99. ISBN 978-0-307-58646-9.

Expand your knitting resource library to gain expertise in creating complex-looking cables that beautifully curve and twist. Included in Continuous Cables are 20 projects for your home, to wear, or to give as gifts. The 53-page Stitch Dictionary contains 80 original closed-ring patterns from panels to motifs to horizontal bands.

Continuous Cables

Crazy-Quilted Memories: Beautiful Embroidery Brings Your Family Portraits to Life by Brian Haggard
Lafayette, California: C&T Publishing, 2011. Softcover, 95 pages, $27.95. ISBN 978-1-60705-227-2.

A primary theme of this book is how to transfer vintage photographs onto fabric, embroidering and embellishing to create a very personal piece to honor your loved ones or a special time worth remembering. Moreover, you’ll benefit from detailed advice on everything from fabric treatment to design layout to finishing techniques and be inspired to try the fun embellishment ideas and the 24 wonderful stitch motifs. The 10 projects will get you started.

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