Textile Traditions: PieceWork Call for Submissions Winter 2019

Whenever we pick up our needlework, we are participating in a practice that has been handed down through the generations. Cultures all around the globe may employ different methods in the execution of their stitches, but the textiles produced represent some of their most cherished traditions. The Winter 2019 issue of PieceWork continues our own tradition of exploring the history behind the textiles that bind us to the past and excite our imagination of what is possible in the future.

PieceWork Call for Submissions

Explore the tradition of Csetnek lace with this bookmark by Julianna Máté, which was featured in the Fall 2018 issue of PieceWork. Photo by George Boe.

What needlework traditions spark your curiosity? We want to know more. Each issue of PieceWork tells the often untold story behind the textiles that inhabit our everyday lives, and we need your input. What would you like to see in a future issue of PieceWork?

  • Expand on the explorations into the history of embroidery.
  • Clue us in on a forgotten chapter in the chronicle of crochet.
  • Draw connections between historical events and the textiles inspired by them.

We are looking for compelling, well-researched, visually appealing, evocative content with in-depth needlework historical connections. The Winter 2019 submission deadline is approaching; we’d love to hear your ideas!

PieceWork Call for Submissions

French women’s fashions. 1780. A print from La France et les Français à Travers les Siècles, Volume IV, 1882–1884, by Augustin Challamel. Photo by The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images.

Due Dates for Future Issues Are:

Winter 2019
Submissions 6 March 2019; all material to be received on or before 15 May 2019

Spring 2020
Submissions 6 June 2019; all material to be received on or before 15 August 2019

Summer 2020
Submissions 6 September 2019; all material to be received on or before 15 November 2019

Fall 2020
Submissions 6 December 2019; all material to be received on or before 14 January 2020

For more information on submitting an article idea or project, please see our PieceWork Contributor Guidelines and the 2019–2020 Editorial Calendar. Email submissions to [email protected] or mail to PieceWork, 4868 Innovation Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Help PieceWork honor needlework and its creators—those who have done and continue to do “all this by hand.”

—The PieceWork Staff

Featured Image: The cover of the October 1918 issue of Needlecraft magazine, featured a centerpiece with six butterflies. The copy for this cover project states: “[i]t is in the best of taste, and the centerpiece may well find a place in the library, living-room or hall of any attractive home. . . .” Find the pattern in the Winter 2018 issue of PieceWork. Collection of Susan Strawn. Photo by George Boe.

Learn about the world of historical needlework in PieceWork!

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