Take a Day for Mitts

I believe—and I think the Granthams and Crawleys of Downton Abbey would agree—that anything done in lacy mitts is done with extra elegance. Excluding scrubbing, of course. For those of us with scrubbing on the agenda, lacy mitts might be better left for those treasured days (or half-days) off.

The premier of the new season of Downton Abbey was January 5. I so hope you had the opportunity to knit while you watched the latest twist in the tale.

Half-Day Off Mitts by Sara Lamb

I also hope you will knit our lovely mitts designed for someone from Downton’s Downstairs, and then wear them to the office, to keep those hands warm while you type! I find I wear mitts more than gloves or mittens, since I can keep my hands warm while still having freedom of movement for outrageous activities such as driving or typing (or the more commonplace buttoning buttons or even more knitting or crocheting).

The only danger in having such lovely mitts is that the dainty picot hem might just tempt you into taking a day or two off from the scrubbing as well—and frankly, that’s enough reason for me to knit myself up a pair as soon as possible.

And now that the pattern for our Half-Day Off Mitts is available as a kit, that can be very soon, indeed! I’ll be avoiding scrubbing and ready for high tea on the lawn just as soon as I can find a day (or a half-day, even) off.

Happy New Year, happy new season of Downton Abbey, and happy knitting!