Storage Solutions for Heirloom Textiles

There’s an indescribable magic about opening up a box of family heirlooms and going through the memories therein. No monetary value can be placed on mittens knit by your grandmother, a wedding veil from your great-grandmother, or an embroidered tablecloth passed down for generations. These heirloom textiles require extra attention and care to preserve them for future family members to enjoy.

Those of us who make things by hand know how irreplaceable they are and know the powerful stories they tell. Not only do you learn about styles and trends of times gone by, you can see the care that went into the making. I particularly like anything that has been darned or fixed or repaired in some way. Before we had iron-on patches or fabric glue, people really knew how to mend their textiles. Patches were sewn onto holes, stitches were picked up and re-knit, things were repurposed when they couldn’t be salvaged. Part of the reason we have examples of heirloom textiles around today is that someone took care to protect them from the ravages of time.

heirloom textiles

A grandmother’s table linens will be enjoyed by generations if stored properly. Photos by George Boe.

Storing your cherished garments and linens improperly will only bring heartache down the line. Ordinary cardboard boxes contain acids that will eat away at your precious heirloom textiles over time. Treat your vintage textiles with the extra care they deserve, and make sure your own handmade creations last for generations by wrapping them safely in acid-free tissue and tucking them inside archival storage boxes. PieceWork’s Home Care for Heirloom Textiles Kit contains everything you need to keep your treasured items safe—24 sheets of acid-free tissue (20″ x 30″ non-buffered) perfect for wrapping and layering so that everything is secure and safe, a generously sized storage box (width 18″, length 15″, and height 5″), and an eBook full of helpful information about storing antique textiles.

Taking care of your family’s treasured textiles is a worthwhile investment. Preserve the memories contained in each piece of cloth and safeguard them for future generations.

Louisa Demmitt

Featured Image: Preserve your family’s memories with the Home Care for Heirloom Textiles Kit.

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