Step into History with Sockupied

The newest issue of the eMag Sockupied is now available, and as always, it’s teeming with stunning patterns and fresh takes on sock-knitting techniques. From delicate leafy lace to colorful bobbles, there’s plenty of knitting to keep your needles clicking all through the warmer months and into fall.

What I particularly love about this issue, though, is that beneath its modern exterior are techniques and designs with an unexpected and rich cultural history. Lisa Stichweh designed the Schwäbische Socks, featuring an intricately woven pattern of traveling twisted stitches inspired by a knitting tradition from Austria and Germany. Reminiscent of Gothic architecture, the stitch patterns were used on socks in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and were later seen adorning sweaters in the early twentieth century.

Lisa Stichweh's Schwäbische Socks  Heatherly Walker's Provenance Socks

The bold colorwork patterns of Heatherly Walker’s elegant Provenance Socks were derived from French embroidery from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The scrolls, floral motifs, and fine stripes translate perfectly into a pair of everyday wearable socks.

Tracing her Hungarian roots, Laura Fazekas Halfpenny came across a knitting tradition that she effortlessly interpreted into funky modern footwear: brightly bobbled stockings worn as part of folk costumes in the small village of Sióagárd, Hungary.  The costumes are heavily decorated and riotous with color. Peeking out from beneath a flurry of bright skirts are knitted neon-colored stockings with columns of tiny bobbles, worked much like the distinctive nupps of Estonian knitting. Although her interpretation doesn’t follow the traditional Hungarian folk colors, the varied color scheme reflects the multicolored nature of the costume.

Laura Halfpenny's Zokni kötés stockings. The ladies of Sióagárd, Hungary, complete their elaborate folk costumes with unique bobbled and embroidered stockings. Photo courtesy of Muvelodési Ház Sióagárd.

Whether classic or contemporary, you’re sure to find a pair of socks to suit your style in the Summer 2013 issue of Sockupied. In addition to beautiful patterns, there also are features on knitting two socks at once (including one inside the other known as the War & Peace method), cast-ons for two-color cuffs, and much more! Download your copy today and take your sock knitting to the next level.