Sing a Knitting Song

PieceWork recommends a needlework CD/MP3 of interest:

Knitting All the Day: Knitting Songs from WWI
Melanie Gall

Do you like to hum a merry-little tune while your needles are clicking? Join internationally acclaimed vocalist Melanie Gall and sing along to the fourteen vintage World War I era knitting tunes included in the CD Knitting All the Day: Knitting Songs from WWI. During the Great War, Mabel Boardman (1860–1946) and the Red Cross urged American knitters to pick up their needles and knit in support of the war effort. Songwriters of the time picked up on the trend and penned these whimsical songs about knitting. Featuring “Knocking at the Knitting Club” and “And Then She’d Knit, Knit, Knit,” many of these songs have never been recorded until now.

CD. N.p.: Melanie Gall/Savvy Girls, 2012. 43:40 minutes.

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