Simple Embroidery Stitches: 200 Embroidered Flowers

Nothing satisfies like the rhythmic working of simple embroidery stitches made with a needle and colorful thread! PieceWork is delighted to present a guest post from the proprietor of Goulush Threads,, and brand-new embroidery book author Kristen Gula. Here’s Kristen to tell us more about her book, 200 Embroidered Flowers: Hand Embroidery Stitches and Projects for Flowers, Leaves and Foliage:

When I first started learning about hand embroidery, I struggled to find resources, online and in print, that appealed to me. I didn’t want to spend time learning 30 plus stitches, and I didn’t want to create cheesy, kitsch tea towels with those same stitches. So, I did what any artist does—I warped the idea of the medium from something complicated to something simple, by creating more with less. I taught myself just a handful of the easiest stitches I could find and used them to create a wide variety of embroidery, specifically all things floral, which has been my passion ever since I was a kid and wanted to grow up to be a florist.

embroidery stitches

Hand Embroidery Stitches and Projects for Flowers, Leaves and Foliage.
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In the end, I wanted a modern twist to the medium and, surprisingly enough, so did the rest of the world. Not long after sharing my work with others, Gulush Threads was born. My unique passion became my full-time job, and it wasn’t long before I wanted to share that passion with the rest of the world.

Six years later, I’ve done just that by writing my first book, 200 Embroidered Flowers.

This beautiful floral hand-embroidery resource teaches the techniques I love and cherish while highlighting my favorite things in the world—flowers, plants, and all things in-between! I spent an entire year researching flowers, dreaming of which stitches and colors would work best for each individual piece, and then, painstakingly, developing the world’s biggest callouses from stitching them all!

embroidery stitches

Brighten up canvas shoes with stunning stitched sunflowers.

Completely inspired by nature, 200 Embroidered Flowers shows even the most inexperienced stitcher how to embroider flowers, plants, and foliage—all with just seven stitches! Once you’ve mastered all 200 pieces in the book, you can then flip to the back to try your hand at 10 different projects, all featuring pieces already featured in the book—but in a new, more fun way! Anything is possible once you’ve mastered modern floral hand embroidery, the “Gulush Way.”

Your only limitation? Your imagination.


Order your copy of 200 Embroidered Flowers today! Plus, learn more embroidery stitches in our A Stitch in Time blog post series.

Featured Image: Embellish clothes and accessories with floral stitchery designs.

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