Silky Camel Blend Cowl Kit

PieceWork’s Silky Camel Blend Cowl kit features Treenway Silks’s yarn. Treenway Silks of Lakewood, Colorado, creates luxurious blends of silk with exotic animal fibers such as cashmere, yak, and camel. They offer all of their yarns in their natural, undyed states, which help showcase the natural qualities and beauty of the silk and animal fiber blends.

One skein of undyed Treenway Silks Camelot Chameau—a blend of 55 percent silk and 45 percent camel fiber—is used to create the cowl in this PieceWork kit. The deliciously soft yarn in its natural ecru tone brings an elegance to the design that makes this cowl a wonderful accessory to dress up any outfit. The pattern for the cowl designed by Inna Voltchkova originally appeared in the November/December 2016 issue of PieceWork.

Three Silky Cowls

A trio of silky cowls in three different yarns from Treenway Silks. The Silky Camel Blend Cowl kit features Treenway Silks’s Camelot Chameau, top cowl. Make all three sizes with the one skein included in the kit.

The cowl design incorporates Orenburg-style lace motifs: Beaded Way, Strawberry, Honeycomb, and Flies. The Orenburg lace knitting heritage comes from Orenburg, a small region in the southwest part of Russia, just north of Kazakhstan. The lace shawls of Orenburg date back over 250 years and are traditionally knit with the down from the goats of that region. Orenburg-style shawls feature a set of distinctive motifs, including those found in this cowl pattern, as mentioned above. Other motifs include Peas, Fisheye, Chain Heart, Cat’s Paw, Millet Porridge, Accordion, Lily of the Valley, Diagonals, Stars, and Mouse Prints. These motifs are generally geometric in nature, and Orenburg designs are garter-stitch based. If you’ve never knit an Orenburg-style project before, starting with this cowl is a manageable approach to begin your exploration into the world of Orenburg lace.

Designer Inna Voltchkova was born and raised in Kiev, and has spent the last twenty years knitting Russian-style lace. Her Silk-Blend Lace Cowls pattern in PieceWork’s November/December 2016 issue features three cowls using the same lace pattern, but in three different sizes and in three different silk-animal fiber blends from Treenway Silks: camel, cashmere, and yak.. This one-of-a-kind kit includes one skein of this very special yarn and a downloadable digital edition of the November/December 2016 issue of PieceWork; there’s enough yarn in this skein to knit all three cowl sizes. What a perfect way to dip one’s toes into Orenburg lace knitting for the first time!

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Featured Image: Hannah models the Silky Camel Blend Cowl in Treenway Silks’s scrumptious Camelot Chameau—a blend of 55 percent silk and 45 percent camel fiber.

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