Retro Ski Socks for the Winter Games

Have you been planning a special knitting project to work on while you watch the upcoming Winter Games from South Korea? This major international sporting event only happens every four years! So why not celebrate with knitters around the globe. There is still time to gather your yarn, needles, and pattern before the torch makes its way into the stadium on February 9th.

My project pick for the Winter Games is a pair of cozy socks. Designer Therese Chynoweth, who lives in Wisconsin and knows a thing or two about winter, created her “Retro Ski Socks” for PieceWork’s Winter Games: 4 Projects to Knit & More eBook. Worked from the leg cuff down, these sporty knee socks feature a shaped calf, a beaded-rib-stitch pattern on the leg and foot, and a red, duplicate-stitch “ski” motif on the calf. They’re perfect for pairing with tights and a skirt as you dash about town in the winter weather.

winter games

Therese Chynoweth’s “Retro Ski Socks” from PieceWork’s Winter Games: 4 Projects to Knit & More eBook. Photos by Ann Swanson.

The Winter Games eBook also features three other fantastic projects to knit: a fetching pair of mittens based on a Finnish-American pair of mittens now in the collection of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum; a hemmed hat with the fabric doubled around the ears to keep you extra warm and toasty; and a double knitted scarf, which features a snowflake motif.

But on Sock Mondays, we’re all about the socks! Find more stunning pairs of handknitted socks and stockings in PieceWork January/February 2018, our twelfth-annual Historical Knitting issue. Or, check out the traditional socks featured in Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks eBook, which includes modern interpretations of designs from Weldon’s Practical Needlework, and Mimi Seyferth’s eBook 5 Traditional Albanian Socks to Knit: A Travel Memoir in Stitches, both from PieceWork.

No matter what pair of socks you select to cast on for the Winter Games, know that I and many other knitters will be will be stitching and cheering for our home team right along with you.

Happy knitting!

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