Practical or Pretty? Socks for All

Whether your style is elegant or rustic, thrifty or decadent, everyone gets cold feet in the winter months.

Even though the days are getting longer, our coldest months may still be ahead of us. To chase away the last of the winter chills, there are five knitted sock patterns in the Spring 2013 issue of Sockupied that will keep your needles and toes happy. One design makes perfect handknitted socks for the daintiest of fancy feet, and another is the epitome of handsome yet sensible socks.

Claire Ellen's Uloborus Socks

Dark, Silky, and Sumptuous

Claire Ellen’s Uloborus Socks are the epitome of luxurious knitted stockings. Looking for a subtly creepy spider motif, Claire actually derived the main design element from a floral pattern. Unlike the cartoonish designs she’d found, her adaptation is an exquisite and slightly macabre sock pattern with elements of delicate spider webs.

The Tencel-blend sock yarn gives a silvery sheen to the surface, inspiring the design’s name: Uloboridae are a genus of venomless spiders known for their feathery, fuzzy fine silk. They are known for lovely web decorations—motifs created by nature.

Fun and Functional

Rachel Coopey's Bockleton Socks

Of course, socks are also practical. Rachel Coopey’s Bockleton Socks, named after a village near her Worcestershire home, are designed to use small amounts of yarn in the stranded-colorwork cuffs. The waffle texture of the garter-rib instep adds a little extra warmth. The simple four-ply yarn includes a dose of nylon with the superwash wool, which makes these socks durable—another must for the practical sock knitter. The simple geometric motifs in the knitted design are perfect for men’s socks, too.

There are three other all-new patterns as well as ideas for customizing your socks for a better fit and having more fun while knitting them. Check out the latest Sockupied for socks that will keep your feet cozy until the last winter breezes are chased away.