PieceWork November/December 2016

p1611_1Silk has fascinated and intrigued us for centuries. We have dedicated this issue of PieceWork to this magnificent fiber.

In his seminal book The Story of Silk (New York: Lifetime Editions, 1949), William F. Leggett writes: “The story of silk is as romantic as any in history. It comes down to us shrouded in both mystery and mythology. Up to this day, although many attempts have been made, neither science nor accident has produced any fine textile fiber that approaches the marvelous combination of utility and beauty so characteristic of silk. There is no substitute for it.”

Julie Turjoman and Michael Cook are equally as eloquent on the topic of silk. In her article in this issue, “Peace Silk from India: A Walk on the Wild Side of Sericulture,” Julie writes: “Silk. Both the sibilant first letter and the emphatic final consonant of this short word express almost everything we need to know about it. Just say the word, and it’s easy to visualize the prized shimmer, the tensile strength that rivals that of steel, the luxurious softness, and the ability to absorb rich and colorful dyes. Each of these qualities is evident in its name.” Michael, in his article, “The Queen of Fibers: Making and Using Silk for Embroidery,” says: “Silk is one of the marvels of the natural world, and its use in textiles is one of the wonders of human ingenuity.”

Enjoy our tribute to this glorious fiber. And as we close out another year, all of us at PieceWork send our best wishes to you and yours for holidays filled with joy.
Jeane Hutchins



A Silk Art Doily to Embroider Mary Polityka Bush
A Stargazer Lily in Japanese Silk Thread to Embroider Michael Cook
Silk-Blend Lace Cowls to Knit Inna Voltchkova
Hana Lace Scarf to Knit Evelyn A. Clark
Peace Silk Beret and Cowl to Knit Julie Turjoman


Catch It If You Can—Silk Fly Fringe Mary Polityka Bush
Discover the Beauty of Art Silk Embroidery Mary Polityka Bush
The Amazing World of Vietnamese Silk Embroidery Cynthia LeCount Samaké
The Queen of Fibers: Making and Using Silk for Embroidery Michael Cook
Knitted Silk in Tudor England Lesley O’Connell Edwards
Peace Silk from India: A Walk on the Wild Side of Sericulture Julie Turjoman
My Grandmother’s Silk Wedding Saree Chitra Balasubramaniam


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