Piecework May/June 2015 Preview

Piecework May | June 2015 Preview

PW-MayJune2015-CoverTo make any type of lace, one has to make connections. It all comes down to this—connecting threads, connecting people, connecting the past to the present.

This May/June 2015 annual Lace Issue of PieceWork pays homage to those connections with two personal family stories that showcase multigenerational lace connections. And there’s so much more, including 6 lace projects.

Welcome to PieceWork’s latest adventure with magical, mysterious, and powerful lace!




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Free eBook: Guide to Drop Spindles
handmade drop spindle instructions
Lace pillow
A Torchon Lace Edging
Bart Elwell
Silken Fog Stole to Knit
Inna Voltchkova
A Lace Pillow to Knit
Galina A. Khmeleva
Learn How to spin on a spindle
Guide to Drafting on a Spindle
Cousin Martha’s Scarf
Donna Druchunas

Volume XXIII, Number 3

Martha’s Lace Mystery
Anne Berk

Common Threads: A Story About Five Generations of Women Connected by Lace
Nancy Ann Haffner and Andrea Jurgrau

Valsesian Puncetto Needle Lace
Jeanine Robertson

Lace of the Arabia
Bart Elwell

A Torchon Lace Edging to Crochet
Bart Elwell

Thief, Thief!: Tales of Larceny and Old Lace
Christopher John Brooke Phillips