PieceWork May/June 2013 Preview

PieceWork May | June 2013

Welcome to PieceWork’s annual look at the magical world of lace! This issue offers fascinating facts on lace—knitted, needle, bobbin, tatted, crocheted, and machine-made. You’ll discover some people who have been captivated by lace and others who spent long, grueling hours producing this ethereal fabric.

Margaret Stove explores the history behind a “Shetland Knitter in New Zealand” and provides the pattern for her stunning knitted Shetland Scarf. Delve into the life of the children who created bobbin lace in the 17th century, and the chants they recited as they worked in “Spinsters, Free Maids, Tells, and Shakespeare.” Make your own exquisite needle-lace insert, using the same traditional stitches that students and teachers used to create an altar cloth for the Sacred Heart Sanctuary in 1927. For tatters, there are instructions for making an edging and a medallion, along with the inspiring story of Lily Mae Burley Patrick, who continued to be a master tatter although she was blind. For many Russian women, receiving a gift of a traditional Orenburg warm shawl was a highlight. Galina Khmeleva shares her pattern for this lacy labor of love. And there’s so much more to discover in this special issue all about lace. There is just something about lace!

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A Medallion
to Tat 

Delores Chase
Mia’s Lace Collar
to Crochet

Faye Silton
An Endowing Purse
to Make 

Christopher John Brooke Phillips
Aemilia Ars
Needle-Lace Insert
to Stitch 

Jeanine Robertson
Shell Lace to Knit    

Volume XXIII, Number 1

The Lace Socks of Spanish Charra Dancers
Donna Druchunas

Lace Dancing Socks from Spain
Donna Druchunas

Fashion for All: Garments Knitted from Wool Yarn in Elizabethan England
Lesley O’Connell Edwards

Taranaki Armed Constabulary Rugby Team and Gentleman’s Under-Shirt
Mary Lycan and Mrs. George Cupples

Finnish Folk Museums: Conserving Local Textile Culture in Rural Areas
Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Sweater Traditions from Finland: Vörå-Inspired Arm Warmers
Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Mary Rowlandson: Knitting in Captivity
Veronica Patterson

Tell Them of Us: Knitting Vintage Garments for a World War I–Era Movie
Melanie Smith

Tell Them of Us Baby Bib
Melanie Smith

A Crown Prince, a Knitted Sweater, and Escape from Nazi Invasion
Laura Ricketts

The Crown Prince’s Sweater
Laura Ricketts

Eesti Tanumüts: A Symbol of Estonian Nationality
Nancy Bush

Aire’s Eesti Müts
Nancy Bush

Remembering the Humanitarian Project That Time Forgot
Marc Shapiro

Operation Kid Knit’s Heelless Spiral Socks