Piecework July | August 2015 Preview

July August 2015 PieceWorkCotton’s history goes back at least 7,000 years. It’s no wonder that cotton has been a favorite of needleworkers for eons. For this summer issue of PieceWork, we’re celebrating this marvelous fiber. Enjoy our celebration of cotton!







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A Handkerchief to Embroider Mary Polityka Bush
Counterpane baby Blanket to Knit
Durack Table Cloth
A Handerchief to Embroider
Mary Polityka Bush
Counterpane Baby Blanket to Knit
Carol Huebscher Rhoades
Annie’s Tablecloth to Filet Crochet
Katherine Durack
Open Bay Leaf Pattern Square
Turkish Bel Oya
Square Doily
Turkish Bell Oya to Make
Cynthia LeCount Samake
A Square to Make in Cluny Tatting
Dagmar Pezzuto

Volume XXIII, Number 4

The Height of Femininity: Wispy Cotton Dresses
Mary Polityka Bush

Framework Knitters, Luddites, and the Capital Crime of Poverty
Elizabeth Hulse

Letters from the Asylum–Do You Sill Have My Table Cover?
Katherine Durack

Yazma and Oya from Turkey Traditional Handprinted Scarves
Cynthia LeCount Samake

Kogin and Hishi Stitches of Aomori Prefecture in Japan
Akiyo Murono

Thief, Thief!: Tales of Larceny and Old Lace
Christopher John Brooke Phillips