PieceWork January/February 2014 Preview

PieceWork January | February 2014

The discoveries made by our indomitable contributors
constantly amaze me. Those presented in this eighth
annual issue on historical knitting are no exception.

Three articles deal with knitting brought to light in archaeological excavations. Carrie Brezine takes you to the north coast of Peru, where “[e]xcavations of the colonial town of Magdalena de Cao Viejo have provided another textile first: the first material evidence of knitting in the Americas” (“The Oldest Knitting in the New World”). Half a world away, M. Elaine McKay discusses mariners’ clothing recovered in the excavation of a Basque whaling station in Red Bay, Labrador (“Wool, Whaling, and the Red Bay Burial: Resurrecting a Sixteenth-Century Basque Whaling Cap”). And Penelope Lister Hemingway writes of the ill-fated London-bound English merchant ship General Carleton, which sank in a storm off the coast of Poland in 1785. Two centuries later, after a scuba diver discovered the wreck, the Polish Maritime Museum in Gda´nsk spent several seasons exploring it and salvaging artifacts, including numerous articles of knitted clothing (“Knitting from the Ocean Floor: Treasures from the General Carleton”).

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Features & Projects

Magdalena de Cao Viego Stockings
Carrie Brezine
A Sixteenth-Century Basque Whalers’ Cap
Wendy Leigh-Bell
The General Carleton Cap
Penelope Lister Hemingway
Julija’s Wrist Warmers
Sonata Eidikiene
Jane’s Kerseymere Spencer Jacket
Mary C. Gildersleeve
A Tribute Baby Sweater
Heatherly Walker

Volume XXIII, Number 1

The Lace Socks of Spanish Charra Dancers
Donna Druchunas

Lace Dancing Socks from Spain
Donna Druchunas

Fashion for All: Garments Knitted from Wool Yarn in Elizabethan England
Lesley O’Connell Edwards

Taranaki Armed Constabulary Rugby Team and Gentleman’s Under-Shirt
Mary Lycan and Mrs. George Cupples

Finnish Folk Museums: Conserving Local Textile Culture in Rural Areas
Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Sweater Traditions from Finland: Vörå-Inspired Arm Warmers
Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Mary Rowlandson: Knitting in Captivity
Veronica Patterson

Tell Them of Us: Knitting Vintage Garments for a World War I–Era Movie
Melanie Smith

Tell Them of Us Baby Bib
Melanie Smith

A Crown Prince, a Knitted Sweater, and Escape from Nazi Invasion
Laura Ricketts

The Crown Prince’s Sweater
Laura Ricketts

Eesti Tanumüts: A Symbol of Estonian Nationality
Nancy Bush

Aire’s Eesti Müts
Nancy Bush

Remembering the Humanitarian Project That Time Forgot
Marc Shapiro

Operation Kid Knit’s Heelless Spiral Socks