Corrections 2013

PieceWork September/October 2013

A Tinder Pouch to Knit, Page 20:
The Section on Twined Knitting should read “For a Z ply, the single is spun counterclockwise and the two singles are plied clockwise.”

Lyanna’s Shawl, page 23 Revised Border Chart 1.
Lyanna’s Shawl, pages 26-30.

PieceWork May/June 2013
Warm Shawl to Knit, Page 29:
Corrections to Border Increase Chart on Row 46 and Row 54. Orenburg Shawl Charts – Revised.

PieceWork March/April 2013

A Snowflake/Rose Ski Headband to Knit, Page 39:

PieceWork January/February 2013

Lady’s Claret Polka in Brioche Stitch, Page 56:
Rows 1 and 2: The instructions “K2, work in brioche patt to last 2 sts, k2, sl
next st from holder to leſt-hand needle, wrap this st, turn.” should read “Work in brioche patt to end, sl next st from holder to left-hand needle, wrap this st, turn.”