Corrections 1993

PieceWork March/April 1993 & Crochet Traditions Fall 2011, Page 125
A Delicate Irish Crocheted Pincushion
Page 47

Rnd 8: *(Ch 3, ch 6-picot) twice, ch 3, sc in sp between next 2 petals, (ch 7, ch 6-picot) twice, ch 7, sl st in same sp between petals (corner), sc in sp between next 2 petals, rep from * 3 times, ending with sl st in joining st of Rnd 7. Rnd 9: Keeping picot to front of work, *picot loop, sc in next lp between picots, rep from * around, sl st in last sl st at beg of rnd.

On page 26, for project materials, DMC Pearl Cotton color #518 is dark blue, not dark pink.


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