PieceWork Call for Submissions Spring 2020: Exploring Our Needlework Traditions

Issue after issue, PieceWork magazine uncovers the stories behind the textiles and needlework that intrigue and fascinate us. Do you have an article idea or historically inspired project to share? We are now accepting submissions for the Spring 2020 issue.


In the Summer 2019 issue of PieceWork, Mimi Seyferth pays tribute to all of the nineteenth-century Danish painters who included sock knitting in their portraits with her stellar white socks with the star motif common to the Danish nattrøjer, a traditional knitted garment worn by Danish peasant women in the nineteenth century. Photo by George Boe.

Our interest in historical needlework is constrained by neither time nor place. Help PieceWork explore the needlework traditions from around the globe, and let curiosity be your guide. Piece together the path of paisley shawls (affiliate link) from India to its popularity in Europe during the Victorian era. Instruct us on traditional methods for mending and darning (affiliate link). Whether you research the history of knitting, crochet, embroidery, tatting, or one of the many other forms of needlework, PieceWork readers want to know more!

We are looking for compelling, well-researched, visually appealing, evocative content with in-depth needlework historical connections. The submission deadline for the Spring 2020 issue of PieceWork is fast approaching; submissions are due June 6, 2019. We’d love to hear your ideas!


Melinda Barta’s stunning embroidered and appliquéd design is a tribute to May Morris, brilliant Arts and Crafts designer and embroiderer. Here, the design is appliquéd to a velveteen table runner. Find this project and more in the Summer 2019 issue of PieceWork. Photo by Joe Coca.

Due Dates for Future Issues Are:

Spring 2020
Submissions 6 June 2019; all material to be received on or before 15 August 2019

Summer 2020
Submissions 6 September 2019; all material to be received on or before 15 November 2019

Fall 2020
Submissions 6 December 2019; all material to be received on or before 14 January 2020

For more information on submitting an article idea or project, please see our PieceWork Contributor Guidelines and the 2020 Editorial Calendar. Email submissions to piecework@interweave.com or mail to PieceWork, 4868 Innovation Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Help PieceWork honor needlework and its creators—those who have done and continue to do “all this by hand.”

—The PieceWork Staff

Featured Image: Point de gaze nineteenth-century needle-lace cuff from Brussels, purchased by Kathi Rotella. This glorious example of Belgian needle lace served as
her inspiration for her project in the Winter 2018 issue of PieceWork. Photo by George Boe.

Discover the world of historical needlework in PieceWork!


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