New & Traditional Crochet

The world of crochet is about to get even more exciting in 2013. The new and the traditional combine in a collection of new crochet books. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to learn to crochet, create the perfectly fitted crochet sweater, or add a little crochet whimsy to your home, you will find the perfect pattern.

The Crocheter's Companion

Whether you are a brand new crocheter or want to explore new crochet stitches, this is the reference book for you. Our new updated Crocheter's Companion includes more detailed illustrations as well as lots of new stitches, including Tunisian crochet, the adjustable loop, and post stitches.

Rivuline Shawl by Vashti Braha, from The New Tunisian Crochet.

The New Tunisian Crochet

Historically, Tunisian crochet has been a popular way to create a warm, thick fabric for everything from coats to afghans. During the twentieth century, Tunisian crochet faded from popularity, but in recent years it has regained its status as an ideal stitch for both solid fabric as well as gorgeous lace. In The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs for Time-Honored Traditions, Dora Ohrenstein will teach you how to work a variety of traditional Tunisian crochet stitches and present 11 modern designs.

Blueprint Crochet Sweaters

Perfect for visual crocheters, Robyn Chachula presents a variety of sweater designs, from tunics and pullovers to cardigans and shrugs. Stitch diagrams help you to visualize how a garment is crocheted. This added information, along with tips and tricks from Robyn, will help you tailor your sweater to your body measurements. But if you prefer written instructions, don't worry; Blueprint Crochet Sweaters Techniques for Custom Construction includes both.

Ruffles and Ridges Pillow by Kathy Merrick, from Crochet at Home.

Crochet at Home

Historically, crochet has been a popular method to create home decor items such as afghans, pillows, and pot holders. Bret Bara brings modern whimsy to the home in her new book, Crochet at Home: 25 Clever Projects for Colorful Living. Add crochet to every room of your house with these fun easy crochet projects.

This year, make a resolution to learn to crochet or take your crochet skills to new levels. Pre-order The Crocheter's Companion, The New Tunisian Crochet, Blueprint Crochet Sweaters, or Crochet at Home today!

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