Making the Holidays

A personalized velvet ribbon perfect for that special holiday gift.

If you haven’t already made your list of holiday gift and decorative items to make, you’d better get busy! What better way to start crafting for the holidays than by embroidering a velvet ribbon for that special gift. Follow these instructions from the May/June 2005 issue of PieceWork to make your decorative and richly textured ribbon:

Transfer the pattern to the ribbon using a transfer pen to make a faint outline of the pattern and draw over these marks with the marking pen. Stretch the ribbon across the fabric-wrapped inner ring of an embroidery hoop; pin to the fabric of the hoop along the outside edges. Working with one strand of ecru cotton thread, stem stitch the text and outline the scrolls with double running stitch. With one strand of ecru silk thread, tightly whip and cover the stem stitches of the text, cover the double running stitches of the outlined side scrolls with satin stitch, and make French knots where indicated by the dots on the pattern. Remove the pins and ribbon from the embroidery hoop.

Trim the thread tails and lay the ribbon right side down on a white terry-cloth towel. Lay the piece of fusible web on the back of the embroidered ribbon and cover with a 24-inch (61.0-cm) piece of silk ribbon. Follow manufacturer’s directions to fuse the ribbons. Trim each end of the ribbon. Finished size: 1/2 x 24 inches (1.3 x 61.0 cm)

Pattern may be printed for personal use.


In every issue of PieceWork, you’ll find ideas for handmade needlework projects perfect to make for someone on your list (or yourself!), but here are some recommendations, especially for the holidays: tat a snowflake, stitch a bargello ornament, knit tiny holiday stockings, embroider a holly tablecloth (November/December 2004);  or stitch a whimsical bird ornament (November/December 2006).