Lithuania-Inspired Floral and Entrelac Mittens Giveaway

As spring rounds the corner, days get a bit brighter and longer while the nights are still cool and crisp. Take the time to notice the trees and flowers blooming back into life. Nature has been a cultural influence in many lands, and the Lithuania-Inspired Floral and Entrelac Mittens are a perfect example.

Lithuania is full of natural wonder. Its forests are dense and vast, stretching their brilliant greenery across miles of landscape. The woodlands are a very important part of the country; they cover 33 percent of the territory. These forests are full of wildlife including moose, foxes, and wolves. Between the forests are large areas of farm land and rivers. In the spring, beautiful flowers bloom all over the country. Much Lithuanian art draws from the influences of nature, and knitting is no different. Flowers especially influence motifs in knitting.

Entrelac Mittens

Flower sellers on the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania. Photo by Adam Jones/Wikimedia Commons.

Donna Druchunas is a knitwear designer and writer with a special interest in Lithuanian knitting and culture. She has visited the country, where her great-grandparents were born, every year since 2007. Donna designed these floral mittens that combine entrelac and stranded colorwork with inspiration from the beautiful Baltic country.

The motif on the hands is common in the Baltics, and these mittens remind Donna of the appreciation the people of those lands have for the beauties of nature, especially flowers, that surround them. Donna says that men of all ages bring rose bouquets to airports to meet loved ones; women sell flowers on the streets; every house in the countryside has blooming flower beds outside.

These gorgeous floral mittens are worked in soft and warm Peruvian Highland wool yarn, which will keep your fingers toasty on those crisp, chilly nights of spring. Enter to win our giveaway, and these beautiful Lithuania-Inspired Floral and Entrelac Mittens by Donna Druchunas from PieceWork January/February 2017 could be yours!

—Jenna Fear

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  1. Catherine E at 3:09 pm March 27, 2018

    being half lithuanian (mom was the first in the family born in the u.s.), i’m fascinated by these gorgeous mittens! i think i need to build up my knitting skills and make a pair of them!

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