Learn Goldwork and Whitework Online with the Royal School of Needlework

Last month, we announced the launch of online learning from the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) with Jacobean Crewelwork and Blackwork courses available to learn from home via the RSN’s virtual classroom. Hundreds of you enrolled in the courses and learned from the experts at the international center of excellence for hand embroidery.

Building on this successful launch, two new courses have now been released. Students can now enroll in Whitework and Goldwork courses, creating beautiful embroideries using these fascinating techniques.

Introduction to Goldwork

Goldwork is a striking style of embroidery that uses metal threads held on the surface of the fabric with a sewing thread, which makes it unlike any other embroidery technique. The most famous piece of goldwork in existence is Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation robe, which was embroidered by the RSN in 1953.

In this course, RSN tutor Becky Hogg shows beginners to goldwork how to create a beautiful stylized flower design using a range of couching and cutwork techniques for each petal. The course ships with a complete kit, which contains the silk fabric and all the metal threads required for you to stitch the design along with Becky.

Royal School of Needlework

The goldwork design features a variety of textures through thread choice and embroidery technique, each of which creates a different play on light.

Introduction to Whitework

Whitework embroidery dates back to the 17th century when it was used to decorate clothing and table linen. White thread on white fabric using pulled and drawn-thread techniques creates beautiful lacy effects, with much more accessible methods than traditional lacemaking.

In this course, RSN tutor Auburn Lucas demonstrates a timeless bee and honeycomb design using a variety of white threads on white linen. During the course, you’ll learn three different pulled-thread techniques, three drawn-thread options, eyelets, trailing, satin stitch, stem stitch, and more. Along with the course videos and instruction, you’ll receive a complete kit of materials to create the piece shown in the course.

Royal School of Needlework

The clever honeycomb design of Auburn’s kit gives you space to try out a range of techniques in different hexagons.

The Online Classroom

While traveling to one of the RSN teaching centers is a dream for many of us, the reality is that for many the dream is just out of reach. This a state-of-the-art online learning platform that brings the RSN directly to you, no matter what your location, as long as you have an internet connection. The courses use market-leading online learning technologies with video instruction, step-by-step written and photographic guides, and the ability to interact with other students on each course, not to mention the beautiful kits that arrive in the mail!

With more RSN online courses promised before the end of the year, this wonderful learning resource will continue to build and ensure that these important skills are learned by a new generation of embroiderers, embracing the digital age.

Visit the website today to enroll—www.rsnonlinecourses.com—or view the Goldwork course trailer here.

—Ame Verso

Ame Verso is the content director for F+W International.

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Featured Image: Learn goldwork and more with the Royal School of Needlework’s online courses. Photos courtesy of the Royal School of Needlework.

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