Learn Embroidery the RSN Way from the Comfort of Home

The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) has always been the epitome of excellence in hand embroidery, but traveling to one of their international teaching centers has made access to their expertise something that is just beyond the reach of many people. So, when we learned about their latest venture to bring their classes to the online classroom, we literally jumped for joy.

Now, rsnonlinecourses.com is a state-of-the-art online learning platform that brings the RSN to you, no matter what your location as long as you have an internet connection. The program originally launched with two courses, Introduction to Jacobean Crewelwork and Introduction to Blackwork, taught by RSN Tutors Deborah Wilding (pictured) and Helen McCook, respectively. Four additional courses have also been added including Goldwork, Whitework, Silk-Shading, and Canvaswork.


Jacobean Crewelwork is a traditional embroidery technique that the RSN teaches as a first step because you can learn many different stitches.

The course program uses market-leading online learning technologies with video instruction, step-by-step written and photographic guides, and the ability to interact with other students on each course, to ask questions, and share individual progress. Each course includes an exclusive kit of materials that is shipped to students so that they can follow each lesson at home and create a beautiful piece of embroidery.


Blackwork embroidery dates back to the 16th century when it was used to embellish fine clothes, but this RSN beginners’ blackwork course will teach you how to create a striking puffin.

The Royal School of Needlework is the international center of excellence for the art of hand embroidery, based at the magnificent Hampton Court Palace in London, England. While the RSN offers a thriving education program of over 150 in-person short courses at different venues around the world, this new step into online learning will allow an even wider global audience to enjoy the art of hand embroidery.

The RSN was founded in 1872 with a mission to revive a beautiful art that had fallen into disuse and to provide employment for women. Since then, the RSN Embroidery Studio has created some of the most important and iconic embroidered works in recent history, including Queen Victoria’s funeral pall, the coronation regalia for King George V, the robe of state for Queen Elizabeth II, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress among them.


The courses feature close up video and photos to show you how to achieve every stitch.

Dr Susan Kay-Williams, chief executive of the Royal School of Needlework, said, “Our objectives are to preserve the traditional techniques of hand embroidery and encourage new participants so that these skills continue for future generations. This online distance learning program brings the expert tuition of the RSN to many more people around the world and represents a fantastic new chapter for us.”

Watch the trailer to whet your appetite, then find out more and enroll in courses at www.rsnonlinecourses.com.

—Ame Verso

Ame Verso is the content director for F+W International.

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