The Wow and How of Lace in One eBook!

Knitting lace is easy with the help of this handy eBook!

Serpentine lace

Knitted lace has a huge visual impact–intricate arrangements of fine threads building up areas of positive and negative space add a “wow” factor to garments, home décor items, and heirlooms. Viewers rightly admire the final outcome, but knitters often see lace as frightening. It’s so complicated! How do you make those fancy stitches? What happens when you’re done knitting?

If you want to knit lace, either as a beginner or as a connoisseur of doily and edging patterns, our latest collection has it all. Mary Schiffmann used to teach classes working from easiest to hardest lace projects, so this book is arranged in the same way. Mary Schiffmann’s Lacy Knitting includes 21 patterns along with Mary’s teaching notes, edited by her friend Nancy Nehring.

Knitting lace is easy with the help of this handy eBook!

Fagot and Diamond

You’ll see that lace doesn’t feature many (or any) new stitches: knit, purl, yarnover, increases, and decreases appear in combinations that look complex. The actual knitting isn’t difficult, since knitters over the years have re-created patterns simply by inspecting the final product. Once, Mary developed a written pattern from a single viewing of an edging.

Small projects such as edgings are a perfect way to master lace knitting, as you repeat the same series of stitches over and over. When you’re ready for 4 needles, the Star Doily will get you going. Soon you’ll be tackling Mary’s most complex doily patterns without trepidation.

Knitting lace is easy with the help of this handy eBook!

Pineapple lace

As for finishing, you can block in the traditional way or borrow Mary’s technique of ironing. Nancy suggests alternatives to Mary’s preferred cotton yarn that will also iron easily.

Let Mary’s time-tested approach guide you into the beautiful world of knitted lace, whether you’re entering for the first time or have already ventured inside.