Knitting Traditions Fall 2015

Knitting Traditions Fall 2015

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but when it comes to knitting, comfort and convenience might play a larger role. Our eleventh issue of Knitting Traditions features stories and projects reflecting how an original design or technique transitioned into something else. Sometimes it happened slowly over the years through multiple makers—here necessity probably took a back seat. Other times, we see necessity cause dramatic shifts in knitting: in wartime, craft can take on new meaning and urgency.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Knitting Traditions, a PieceWork special issue, and that your own knitting comes from comfort and convenience more often than necessity.


Have you ever wondered how to pronounce Manx loaghtan?


Plus PreservingMuffatees for a Man—Mary Polityka Bush

Zouave Sleeveless Jacket

Orkney Fair Isle Tam—Elizabeth Lovick

Manx Loaghtan Boot Socks—Ann Budd

Simple in Russian Lace Scarf—Inna Voltchkova

Lucy’s Stars and Diamonds Stole—Katrina King

Vintage Sport Socks—Susan Strawn

English Spencer—Rachel Anderson

Leafy Reticule—Sarah Gomez

Hiddenite Shawl—Manda Shah

Penzance Fair Hat & Carousel Bag—Lisa Cruse

Turbanesque Child’s Hat & Muff—Lisa Cruse

Victorian Silk Reticule—Sara Lamb

Pincushion, Knitted Like a Lemon

Old-Fashioned Shell and Feather Pattern

Wedge Pattern in Three Colours

Jewel Stitch

Very Narrow Lace

Fleur-de-Lis Lace


The Knitter That Never Was—Christopher John Brooke Phillips

Knit, Purl, Heal—Mary Polityka Bush

Patriotic Knitting Bags and Tools of the World Wars—Karen C. K. Ballard

Going in Circles: A History of Knitting in the Round—Eileen Lee

Fair Isle Knitting Across Space and Time—Elizabeth Lovick

On the Edge: How a Handful of People Have Preserved Some Rare,Valuable Sheep and Their Wools—Deborah Robson

Grace Murray: Ultra-Prolific Knitter of Andean-Inspired Hats—Cynthia LeCount Samaké

“You’ve Got to Really Like Your Job”: Department Stores as Purveyors of Yarn and Knitting Knowledge, 1930–1960—Susan Strawn

DepartmentsGoing in Circles Socks 3

Letter from the Editor

Abbreviations & Techniques

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