Knit a Pair of Vintage Knickerbocker Socks for Fall

We’re back with another great sock kit for you to knit up! This time, we’re taking a closer look at PieceWork’s Vintage Knickerbocker Socks Kit, a timeless pattern from the 19th-century pattern collection found in Weldon’s Practical Needlework. These socks were originally intended to function as boys’ stockings, but with a few tweaks, the pattern produces a beautiful pair of socks that could easily suit either a man or a woman in the modern era.

Once again, expert knitwear designer Vicki Square, who re-created socks for our Vintage Bicycle Socks Kit and Vintage Railway-Stitch Socks Kit, carefully knitted this sock pattern and provided helpful tips that ensure a great result for a knitter in the 21st century. Her notes make it fun to explore a pattern from Victorian England without the frustration of wading through antiquated language or confusing directions on your own. While the illustrations and pattern details in Weldon’s are completely charming, sometimes the directions themselves can be different from what we’re used to.

knickerbocker socks

Create these stunning socks with just two skeins of Mousam Falls Sock Yarn by Jagger Spun. Photos by George Boe.

One of my favorite details in these socks is the addition of gently sloping increases to better fit the back of the calf while the original textured-pattern motif continues uninterrupted. Thoughtful details like these allow for subtle improvements without drawing attention to the back of the leg. Vicki included optional modifications for a better fit, sizing advice, and altered the toe finishing directions for greater comfort.

When browsing through the Weldon’s collection, what always strikes me time and again is how little has changed since many of these patterns were written. Sure, we might make a slight modification to the toe, adjust the sizing, or change the color, but I love that these socks won’t look out of place peeking over the top of a boot or relaxing in front of a fire in fall or winter.

knickerbocker socks

The Vintage Knickerbocker Socks to Knit retain all the charm of the Weldon’s original but are sized for a modern woman.

Knitting vintage patterns connects us to those who have gone before and helps preserve a timeless tradition for years to come. I’m proud to be a part of this generation of knitters, moving forward while firmly connected to the past.

I hope you’ll love our third kit with a vintage sock pattern updated by Vicki Square and the yarn to make a pair of Knickbocker Socks.

Happy vintage knitting,
Lindsay Smith

Featured Image: Vicki Square’s notes make knitting a pair of Victorian-era socks a breeze!

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  1. Anonymous at 5:33 am July 17, 2018

    I have plenty of sock yarn and need the patterns only for the Knickerbocker and Bicycle socks shown here. How may I purchase the patterns only?

  2. Anonymous at 6:52 am July 17, 2018

    Why are they so expensive to make?

    • Anonymous at 3:35 am July 22, 2018

      You get the pattern from the weldons book yarn and explication of modden knitting techniques.

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