It’s Back! The Accordion Scarf Kit Returns

Our Accordion Scarf to Knit Kit sold out, so we’re bringing it back! This show-stopping scarf is truly gorgeous. The fact that it’s made with 100% cashmere doesn’t hurt either!

Galina Khmeleva’s Accordion Scarf. Photo by Joe Coca.

Galina Khmeleva’s Accordion Scarf.
Photo by Joe Coca.

The scarf is one of many designs that PieceWork supporter extraordinaire, Galina Khmeleva, has contributed. And if it’s a “Galina,” you know it’s closely tied to Orenburg lace knitting.

Almost all Orenburg lace is comprised of one or more traditional elements. The ones used most often are:  Gluhkotinka (Strawberry), Gorokh (Peas), Rybka (Fisheye), Cherbonki (Chain Heart), Yagodki (Large Strawberry), Koshachi Lapki (Cat’s Paw), Sotki (Honeycomb), Kosoryadki (Diagonals), Myshini Sled (Mouse Print), and Garmoshka (Accordion).  Below is an 18-row chart that shows the Accordion element. Galina chose this one for the scarf because the result is “a checkerboard motif that creates the effect of sun shining through a window with a lace curtain.”

12-08-15 b2 copy

The Accordion element charted.

Our kit includes the digital edition of our 5th Annual Lace issue of PieceWork and all of the scrumptious cashmere yarn needed to knit the scarf. Wrap yourself in glorious red luxury! The kit is also a lovely gift for your lace knitting friends and family. And it’s a great way to explore the amazing tradition that is Orenburg lace knitting.

Oh, I almost forgot—it’s red! Red is my favorite color. Red cashmere is my all-time favorite combo.


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