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PieceWork's May/June 2005 issue  is all about romance! Explore love and wedding themed needlecraft projects in this downloadable issue.

An old favorite missing from my collection. Ooh, peacock!

Magazines rank high on my list of favorite things, because they pack a huge wallop into small, inexpensive packages. Every time I feel the urge to redecorate a room, or to take on a new woodworking task, I browse newsstands like a predator—circling, staring intently, waiting for that one bright cover to grab my eye and pull me in. In the BR days (Before Ravelry), a new knitting or needlework project required intense library scrutiny: sit on the floor where I could pull magazines off the shelf, page through every issue, put sticky notes on potentials, go back through the notes, etc. It took a lot of time. Ravelry speeds up the process significantly, but it has also uncovered a horrifying problem. My extensive collection has gaps where I’d loaned a magazine that hadn’t come home again, let my subscription lapse, or otherwise failed to keep the series going. No matter how many issues I had, I still needed more if I wanted to have a complete run, in chronological order, with all the spines perfectly aligned on a shelf. (You say obsessive-compulsive disorder, I say organized.)

PieceWork’s 5th annual historical knitting issue explores the tradition of knitting from Turkey (source of the wedding socks that were Anna Zilboorg’s inspiration for her spectacular Fireworks Socks) to the White House (“First Lady Grace Coolidge and the Story of a Knitted Counterpane”), and span four centuries.

Another old favorite featuring Anna Zilboorg’s Fireworks Socks.

Fortunately, Interweave has the perfect solution: a fantastic sale on back issues of PieceWork and Knitting Traditions, including physical and digital versions. No more settling on a project, then realizing that I don’t have the instructions! No more spaces on the shelf like missing teeth! Or I can go totally digital—I won’t need a straightedge to align paper copies, and my cats won’t be able to knock them on the floor! Think of all the time I’ll save: less time hunting and straightening means more time to make stuff (or to organize my craft books, yarns, needlefelting tools, beads, fabrics, spinning fibers, etc.). If only Interweave could sell hours in the day too, along with no-fail cat-training methods and unicorns.

The culprits who mess up my system (I built these shelves just for them):

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