Get Your Beads On

“. . . the mania for using beads in such incalculable quantities on ladies outdoor and indoor clothes shows no sign of abatement, and bids fair to continue for some time yet to come. . . .”

The above was penned in 1889; it’s included in the introduction to Weldon’s Practical Bead-Work, First Series. Who would have guessed that 124 years later, beadwork would still be going strong. That certainly speaks to the timelessness of needlework and our love of beads!

Knitted and Beaded Cuff LEFT: Wing for a Hat or Bonnet; RIGHT: Transparent Leaf for Millinery Edging Worked on Net

Volume 4 of the amazing late-19th-century English publications called Weldon’s Practical Needlework contained this introduction to beadwork, complete with information on appropriate materials and general directions. And then the fun really begins—complete instructions for smocking with beads; bead embroidery on net, canvas, silk, or satin fabric; beaded fringes, braids, tassels, cords, and buttons; and bead knitting. The Wing for a Hat or Bonnet, the Transparent Leaf for Millinery, and the Knitted and Beaded Cuff are just lovely. Each definitely translates to the 21st century quite well.

If you love playing with beads, you will appreciate Weldon’s Practical Bead-Work. And to make the transition to the 21st century even more convenient, we have made it available as a PieceWork eBook. Get your beads on your needles, take a trip back in time, and enjoy our eBook!