Four Back-to-School Needlework Projects to Create


These elegant netted bookmarks are bound to make your classmates a bit jealous!

When I was younger, the idea of returning to school was both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. I was excited to be reunited with classmates I hadn’t seen for the past two-and-a-half months, and I looked forward to tackling new challenges and subjects. I viewed each new school year as a fresh start of sorts–an opportunity to grow my knowledge and become a better student than I was the year prior.

However, the days leading up to the first day of school always did give me a small case of the butterflies. Yes, I was excited to learn, but what if all my classes were impossible to wrap my head around? What if my teachers were terrible? What if I entered the classroom only to discover that I didn’t know any of my fellow students?

It sounds silly, but I gained some semblance of confidence and consolation through a few new “back-to-school” purchases. Whether it was a new backpack, a new pair of jeans, or something as simple as a fresh notebook, having a couple new things to kick off the school year did make me feel a bit more prepared to take on the impending challenges. I wasn’t allowed a huge shopping spree by any means, but heck–even those new notebooks and pens made me feel like a million bucks!

Now, if I were to go back to school this fall, I have a few favorite needlework-related products I would certainly want by my side–the first one being this knit, felt, and embroidered backpack! It’s stylish, practical, and certainly beats any boring old backpack you’d find at the mall.

A knitted, felted, and embroidered backpack to create!

Plus, these colors are perfect for fall!

I would also want something to stow my school supplies, and this Jane Austen reticule would definitely do the trick. Plus, I would (hopefully) win points with my English teacher–a little schmoozing never hurt anyone, right?

Knit this Jane Austen-inspired reticule to hold all your pretty little things!

Better than those annoying pencil boxes!

For some reason, I always found myself using little torn pieces of paper or index cards as bookmarks when I was in school. If I were to do it over again, I would have none of that and make my own! These three bookmarks from PieceWork‘s September/October 2010 issue are so detailed and sophisticated, I would never resort to my old ways again! (I also find these netting-knot bookmarks to be quite pretty.)

Cross-stitch and crochet bookmarks.

These trump scraps of paper any day.

And, of course, if I slacked a bit on my summer reading, the new literary issue of PieceWork would certainly come in handy! With spotlights on authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne and George R.R. Martin, this issue would give me more than a few ideas for essays or other English projects.

House of the Seven Gables socks to knit, inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Maybe wearing these House of the Seven Gables socks would magically help me remember what happened in the book?

Whether you’re currently a student approaching a new school year or a lucky graduate who loves learning, I hope these projects give you some inspiration for the fall!