What are Your Favorite Vintage Needlework Magazines?

Stored in the PieceWork archive is a collection of vintage needlework magazines. Pulling out the bins of Needlecraft Magazines, which date back to the turn of the 20th century, opens a portal to a world of charming illustrations, old-fashioned recipes, and delightful needlework patterns. Once you’re done with one issue, it’s hard not to pick up another.

Do you have a favorite vintage needlework magazine you seek out when perusing the shelves of antique stores? Are you a collector of classic knitting, crochet, embroidery, or tatting patterns clipped from the pages of Victorian-era periodicals or early 20th-century weeklies? What tips and techniques keep you riveted from cover to cover? We understand; we adore these publications too! The November/December 2018 issue of PieceWork will take a look back at the magazines of yore. Whether they’re weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one-time special editions, vintage needlework magazines hold a special place in our culture and our hearts.

vintage needlework magazines

The November 1928 cover of Needlecraft magazine features a mother and daughter enjoying embroidery and is now available as a high-quality print to add a touch of vintage charm to your décor.

November/December 2018—Needlecraft MAGAZINES THROUGH THE AGES

This issue will be a survey of two centuries of publications aimed at supporting women in their role as homemakers, with emphasis on creative needlearts. Do you have memories of curling up with the latest issue of . . . what? Do you have old magazines in your library or your attic? Are they quaint, inspiring, or just dowdy?

Proposal deadline: March 5, 2018

Send submissions to: piecework@interweave.com or to the mailing address:
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vintage needlework magazines

The July 1930 cover of Needlecraft magazine features a mother and daughter enjoying the traditional crafts of spinning and embroidery.

Here are the submission guidelines and the 2018-2019 Editorial Calendar, which includes information for the November/December 2018 issue plus other upcoming themes. We’re so looking forward to hearing your ideas! If you have any questions, please email piecework@interweave.com. Additionally, we always welcome your submissions even if they don’t fit tidally into our theme. Send us your proposals and continue the long history of the needlearts celebrated in print.

—All of us at PieceWork

Featured Image: The July 1930 cover of Needlecraft magazine.

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