Favorite Needlework Tricks: How Did They Do That?

If you often find yourself wondering how did they do that?, then we have a job for you! The deadline for PieceWork’s March/April 2018 issue is approaching. We’re looking for stories and projects on your favorite needlework tricks. Curiosity implores you to send us your submissions. Below are the details. Be sure to review our Contributor Guidelines.

Each issue of PieceWork digs into the history of needlework. Yet this issue is especially dear—it’s our 25th Anniversary issue! To celebrate, we want to tap into the essence that keeps us coming back, time and again, to the history and techniques that draw us in—curiosity! A thirst that can never fully be quenched, our curious nature has led the way, page after page, in celebration of all forms of needlework made by hand.


Various loop-manipulated braids featured from the March/April 2008 issue of PieceWork featuring a short tutorial on the centuries-old technique of making loop-manipulated braids.

Here’s the information the March/April 2018 issue. We’re so looking forward to your submissions! If you have any questions, please email piecework@interweave.com.

March/April 2018

Give a human a piece of string and anything can happen. The world is full of ingenious objects, useful, decorative, pure whimsy, or all three. How did they make a monkey’s paw knot? How did they braid horsehair? How did they make a mitten string? How did they knit two socks at the same time? What are your favorite textile tricks learned from the annals of time? Help us celebrate PieceWork’s 25th Anniversary with this issue!


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PieceWork relishes uncovering the mysteries and magic of needlework. Do you have a burning inquisitiveness for explaining the wonders created with needle and thread? Inquiring minds want to know more about your findings. Whether your snooping leads to a rare knitting tradition or embroidery embellishment, PieceWork wants to share your knowledge with other needlework lovers. Don’t let these clever techniques or crafts be lost to the ravages of time—share them with us!

Looking forward to reading your discoveries!
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Featured Image: Make hand-manipulated loop braids with our tutorial. Photos by Ann Swanson.

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