Explore History through Knitting

PieceWork recommends a needlework book of interest:

History on Two Needles: Exploring Art History through Modern Hand Knits by Annie Modesitt

History on Two Needles

Blending her twin passions of art history and knitting, Annie Modesitt transports knitters through time with her design collection inspired by some exemplary work from art. Seventeen patterns combine historical design elements with exquisite detailing in wearable modern garments. The crocheted Pembroke Jacket, inspired by an anonymous painting of Anne Boleyn, is especially lovely with its delicate neckline details and form-fitted shaping.

St. Paul, Minnesota: ModeKnit Press, 2013. Softcover & eBook, 128 pages, $26.95; eBook, $16.95. ISBN 978-1-937513-18-4.


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