Enchanted Trees

I camped in the Redwood National Park a couple of years ago, able to pitch my tent in the hollowed trunk of a giant redwood tree. If you've ever spent time with the redwoods, you'll understand the magic they possess. Certainly it’s their age, their height, the giant mossy span of their trunks that awe, but wandering the narrow paths through these colossal and ancient trees, I sensed something greater than that. I’m convinced that they’re sentient and wise and own a patient and peaceful consideration about the workings of the world that mere mortals don’t seem to have.

Kate Larson's Among the Birches Shawl.

I was reminded of my time with the redwoods while I was reading “Roots in Legend: Trees in Myths, Fairy Tales, and Sacred Stories,” an article in Spin-Off magazine’s newest special issue, Enchanted Knits. This article about the significance trees play in the lives of ancient people and their stories is just one of several in the issue that inspire the fabulous projects to knit. I love the Sylvania Cardigan, the Among the Birches Shawl, and the Into the Magic Forest Blanket. Not just because they’re inspired by my friends the trees, but because they’re gorgeous, and I can’t wait to cast on!

Also in this issue, you can read about a princess who spun nettles, fairy-tale cats, and other fabulous bits of magic. The companion projects are, honestly, enchanting, ranging from stoles to slippers, and baby blankets to pullovers.

You’ll be delighted wandering among the pages of Enchanted Knits.