Enchanted Knits

Enchanted Knits 2014

I believe the best fairy tales are about transformation, shaking our belief that what is shall always be so. The change can be magical and physical, such as the beast who becomes a handsome prince through pure love. It can be tricky, like the wolf who passes for Grandmother by simply donning her clothing. Or it can be subtler and more earthly, like the ugly duckling whose looks change over the slow passage of time. Knitting is our act of transformation. Not every knitter works with such desperate urgency as the princess for her brothers the Wild Swans, but working yarn into frothy shawls or sturdy mitts is a slow act of storytelling in stitches. Like the fairy tales, knitting patterns sometimes seem inscrutable but they often reveal unexpected lessons to the careful knitter.

You’ll find fairy tales both moral and magical in this issue. As you work through the designs, remember two things:

If the pattern seems to be disguised under a spell, check the glossary at knitting daily.com for techniques and other assistance.

And no matter how tempting it may be to charm your needles into knitting by themselves, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice reminds us that objects bewitched may not always do our bidding. (In other words: Check your work, read your knitting, and enjoy the process.)

I hope you fall under the spell of your knitting.

Anne Merrow, editor