Embellish Some History

How pretty are these beaded edgings? Learn to make your own today!

Crochet edgings add the perfect finishing touch to these vintage coin purses!

One of my favorite books, The Beaded Edge 2 combines two of my loves: history and gorgeous beaded embellishments. When I started turning the pages, I was captivated by the myriad edgings and trims (and frankly, the “For Beginners” section gave me hope). Then I found the history section—the edgings in the book were inspired by traditional Turkish oya, edgings that decorated scarves. But they can decorate almost anything—shirts, purses, T-shirts, shawls, stoles, shoes (!), hats, skirts, window coverings, and more. All you need are beads, thread or yarn, and a crochet hook. I’m enthralled. I think you will be, too.

And now is the time to check it out—Interweave’s annual Hurt Book Sale is going on now! This is a great opportunity to adopt a little-less-than-perfect book at a great price and start embellishing. I’m working up to the glorious Sun-Soaked Flower Garden!