Editorial Calendar 2017-2018

Honoring the Rich History of Needlework

People with a passion for traditional knitting, embellished clothing, and beautiful lacework—all made by hand—are PieceWork magazine’s core audience. PieceWork explores the personal stories of traditional makers, what they made, and investigates how specific objects were crafted and the stories behind them. In-depth how-to techniques and step-by-step projects make the traditions come alive for today’s knitters, embroiderers, lacemakers, and crocheters.

Editorial Calendar

Filet Crochet Cocoon Sweater

November/December 2017—COLLECTIONS

Do you collect linens, handkerchiefs, doilies, or gloves? This issue is dedicated to our accumulation of textile treasures, handed down within families or housed inside the walls of museums and universities. Preserve these precious artifacts for future generations to enjoy. Share your stories and projects on your own needlework collection or on those in institutions around the world.
Proposal deadline: March 6, 2017

January/February 2018— SOCKS THROUGH THE AGES

For our 12th annual Historical Knitting issue, we want to dive deep into the story of socks through the centuries. When people learned to quit stuffing their shoes with fleece or straw and begin crafting supple, well-fitting foot coverings, humanity took a great step forward. Take a tour of the myriad of techniques for casting on, heel-turning, ribbing, embellishing, and knitting toe-up or top-down. Explore the social history of socks, from royal gifts to dowry offerings, from Asia to Europe to the Americas.
Proposal deadline: May 8, 2017

March/April 2018— HOW DID THEY DO THAT?

Give a human a piece of string and anything can happen. The world is full of ingenious objects, useful, decorative, pure whimsy, or all three. How did they make a monkey’s paw knot? How did they braid horsehair? How did they make a mitten string? How did they knit two socks at the same time? What are your favorite textile tricks learned from the annals of time? Help us celebrate PieceWork’s 25th Anniversary with this issue!
Proposal deadline: July 10, 2017

May/June 2018— LACE, OF COURSE

This marks our 11th year of publishing a special late spring issue devoted to lace. You’d think we, and you—our reader—might get tired of the subject. Not a chance! The delicacy of carefully-controlled negative space is endlessly fascinating and perennially delightful. You can knit it, crochet it, knot it, twist it, sprang it. Needlework encyclopedias abound in special techniques from every corner of the globe. What do you know? What treasured old piece do you have in your stash? What stories can you tell?
Proposal deadline: September 11, 2017
PW JF17 cover

July/August 2018— FINE WORK

What’s the finest embroidery you’ve ever seen or done? The most knitted or knotted stitches per inch? In times past, when women (usually women) were sequestered to do fine work until their eyes gave out, fineness equaled value. Now we have special lights and magnifiers. How did our foremothers manage? Send us your ideas, your knowledge, your treasures. We’ll give them back.
Proposal deadline: November 6, 2017

Editorial Calendar 2017-2018

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2017-2018 Editorial Calendar

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