Discover Something New

long-photo-for-3-15-16An innate curiosity guides those of us who adore history and leads us to always want to know more. We want to know the what, when, where, and why—the context—of how something came to be. An affinity for the art and craft of making something by hand steers us to the pages of PieceWork for these answers.

When I open an issue of PieceWork, I always discover something new—the July/August 2014 issue is no exception! Learn about seven arts, both new and old. Present are the ever-popular techniques of knitting and crochet. Uncover the heritage of the Faroese Icelander sweater and cast on your own. Examine Laura Esther Ricketts family heirloom, her great-grandmother Edith Graham Mayo’s handmade Irish linen duster with its Clones lace collar and cuffs. Then grab your steel hook and cotton thread and create your own intricate Irish crochet cuffs.

Delve deeper into needlework’s past and unearth less common but equally exquisite handcrafts. Investigate Catherine of Aragon’s role in the rise of blackwork embroidery. Come to know the long tradition behind England’s lovely Honiton lace. Find out how chain netting crossed generations and tied a family together. Combine crochet and needle lace to expand your skills and try your hand at Yap Lace. Take measure of the giant bobbins used by Franciscans for cord making.

If you can learn about all of this from just one issue of PieceWork, imagine what you can discover within the pages of the rest of the PieceWork 15-Year Digital Collection! Including our most popular annual knitting and lace issues, each issue in this collection is devoted to revealing our rich heritage recorded stitch by stitch, made by hand. A world of needlework knowledge unfolds at your fingertips—Dive in!

May your curiosity lead you to new discoveries!